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Beautiful Freestanding Bathtubs, Antique Faucets, and more

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Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs CP-CI-DE66PED
66" Cast Iron Double Ended Pedestal Tub


66" Cast Iron Double Ended Pedestal Tub

Model #: CP-CI-DE66PED

Pedestal tubs reflect traditional styling and sensibility but also offer a more modern flair which makes them an ideal transitional piece for bathrooms not going entirely in one direction in terms of style.

This 66" inch pedestal tub, (made of cast iron) has been wonderfully formed into a curvy and beautiful piece that allows you to mount a faucet in a few different ways to deliver water to your tub.

If you order the tub with 7" deck drillings, a "deck mounted" faucet can be mounted to the rim (AKA deck) of the tub. This bathtub can also be ordered without faucet holes if you plan on mounting a faucet to a nearby wall or plan on using free standing faucet.

Feel the stress melting away as you relax in this elegant cast iron pedestal tub. Although this 66" inch double-ended style mirrors our 61" pedestal tub, this one boasts an impressive 56 gallon capacity. This bathtub is guaranteed to quench your desire to unwind in deep-soaking comfort.

  • Cast iron bathtub with porcelain interior
  • 56 gallon capacity when dilled to the bottom of the overflow
  • Tub measures approximately 66x31 inches
  • 468 lbs. empty weight
  • Available with 7" rim drillings for deck mounted faucets or without drillings if you prefer freestanding supply lines
To order this beautiful cast iron double ended pedestal tub, simply select your faucet drillings options then add it to your cart by pressing the button below.

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Custom Color (+$225.00)
Custom Color (+$225.00)
Copper Bronze (+$300.00)
Copper Bronze (+$300.00)
Black Pearl (+$350.00)
Black Pearl (+$350.00)
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