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    Beautiful Freestanding Bathtubs, Antique Faucets, and more
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    Supply Lines & Drains

    2" Deck Mount couplers
    Model #: CP-SH202
    2" deck mount risers, most commonly used for faucets that have a 7" on center faucet body.

    These deck mounts can be mounted directly to the faucet body, or used with adjustable swing arms CP-SH300. (usually depending on hole drilling width.)
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    2" Wall Mount Coupler (1-Pair)
    Model #: CP-SH160
    This pair of wall mount couplers (2x) allow you mount your tub faucet directly on to your bathroom wall. (You will need your water supply lines installed inside your bathroom wall with an exit point to mount to, and a tub wall mount style faucet.)

    These couplers (more info...)
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    4" Wall Mount Coupler (1-Pair)
    Model #: SIG-P0659
    This is a pair of 4" inch wall mount couplers for mounting your bathtub faucet directly to a bathroom wall.

    When standard 2" inch couplers are just a little too short for the job, these 4" wall extension couplers will give you that little extra distance from the wall to al (more info...)

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    6" Deck Mount couplers
    Model #: CP-SH200
    This is a pair of 6" inch deck mount couplers.

    These deck mount couplers turn a typical "wall mount" faucet with a horizontal water supply, into a deck mounted faucet by diverting the floor based water supply 90 degrees.

    These mount to the deck (rim (more info...)
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    6" Wall Mount Coupler (1-Pair)
    Model #: CP-SH170
    This pair of 6" wall mount couplers (2 pieces) allow you to have your tub wall mount faucet mounted directly to the bathroom wall.

    If you have your water supply lines running up inside your wall, these couplers will give you a 6" extension outward to allow your faucet the (more info...)

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    Adjustable Faucet Swing Arms (Couplers) 1-Pair
    Model #: CP-SH300
    If you have an existing faucet that does not fit the holes in a tub or water supply spacing, these swing arm couplers are the perfect solution.

    These swing arms can adjust from 3" to 9" on a 3 3/8" faucet body distance or 3" to 12" on a 7" faucet body distance. (more info...)
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    Adjustable Faucet Swing Arms (Wall Mount w/escutcheons) 1-Pair
    Model #: CP-SH100
    These adjustable wall mount swing arms are used when mounting a faucet body directly to a tub wall, or a bathroom wall.

    These arms have the ability to adjust from 3" to 9" on a 3 3/8" faucet body width or 3" to 12" on a faucet that has a 7" faucet body width. (more info...)
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    Brace Bracket - Freestanding Supply Lines to Overflow Tube
    Model #: SIG-SH398BKT
    This is a bracket that serves to brace your freestanding supply lines against your vertical overflow drain pipe, to increase the rigidity of your freestanding faucet.

    Two of the ends secure around your supply lines, and the other end secures to your overflow tube. (more info...)
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    Center Hot/Cold Button Replacements for Faucet Cross Handles
    Model #: SOC-P0955H/P0955C
    This is a replacement pair of porcelain center "buttons" for faucet cross handles. These Hot/Cold replacement buttons come in white with black lettering. One with the word "Hot", and one with the word "Cold".

    If one or both of your center buttons have cracked, or faded (more info...)

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    Deck Mounted Supply Lines w/ Shutoff Valves
    Model #: CP-SH341D
    This deck mounted supply line set features shutoff valves with your choice of handle style and finish.
    • 1/2" solid brass tubing construction
    • Tubing measures approximately 29" high
    • Overall height (including shutoff valves and escutcheons) is 32" (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Enclosure Ring to Riser Brace
    Model #: SIG-RINGLET
    This is a bracket that connects a shower enclosure riser pipe, to the shower enclosure ring.

    This piece will help brace your enclosure ring and shower riser tube together for added stability.

    The two loops on this item swivel around, so you can have o (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Freestanding "H Frame" Supply Lines Set
    Model #: CP-HFRAME
    This H-Frame water supply line set is a wonderful option for those wanting a freestanding faucet. This freestanding supply set is sturdy and high quality, constructed with heavy duty solid brass materials.

    Simply connect your “deckmount” configured faucet (upright fauce (more info...)

    w/ FREE Shipping
    Freestanding Leg Tub Supply Set w/ Shutoffs
    Model #: CP-SHS398V
    This free standing leg tub supply set features shut off valves, your choice of wall braces or drain/overflow braces, and available in your choice of finish.
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Hole Covers for Hot/Cold Clawfoot Tub Drillings
    Model #: SOC-P0816
    This is a 2-pack set of finished "Hole covers" for a bathtub's existing faucet hole drillings.

    These covers are intended to cover the existing hot and cold water faucet drilling holes on a bathtub's interior wall.

    These are most often used when you have a bath (more info...)

    w/ FREE Shipping
    Left and Right Double Offset Supply Set w/ Shutoff Valves
    Model #: CP-SH342D
    This tub wall mounted double offset left and right supply line set features shutoff valves, and comes in your choice of handle style and finish.
    • Quality Brass construction
    • Double offset 1/2 inch tubing
    • Includes cross valves
    • Valves: (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Mounting Brace for Shower Enclosure Ring (various sizes)
    Model #: SIG-WALL-BRACE
    This mounting brace is for when you are building your own shower enclosure set, or just need a little more reinforcement for your existing shower ring, to provide more stability to your enclosure setup.

    This 5/8" OD brace can be used either to brace your enclosure (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Overflow Faceplate Cover - Extra Deep
    Model #: SIG-P0877
    This uniquely shaped face plate cover is designed to give you an extra 1-1/2" inches of water depth when bathing. It works by blocking the bottom portion of the overflow exit holes until the water level reaches at least halfway.

    The benefit of this style of cover (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Overflow Faceplate Cover - Standard
    Model #: SIG-SH-OPC
    This is a face plate cover for the overflow hole of a clawfoot or other freestanding bathtub.

    This item listed here is sold by itself, and only includes the faceplate, and attachment screw. The attachment screw has a built-in loop for attaching the stopper chai (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Push Button Diverter Valve & Riser Mounted Holder for Handheld Shower Unit
    Model #: SIG-SH156V & SH144R
    This is a parts combination set including a push button diverter valve to connect a handheld shower unit hose, and a riser mounted "caddy" (holder) to rest your handheld shower.

    This set is most often used when converting your existing bathtub faucet with handheld (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Push Button Diverter Valve for Hand Held Shower
    Model #: SIG-SH156V
    This is a push button diverter valve for connecting a handheld shower unit in between your faucet body, and vertical shower riser tube.

    This part is available in your choice of finish.

    Just choose your finish option, and click the "Add to Cart" bu (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Riser Mounted Handheld Shower Kit Add-on
    Model #: SIG-HH-RISER-KIT
    Stand up shower, or handheld shower? You can have both!

    This handheld shower kit includes everything you need to allow you to add on a hand sprayer unit to your bathtub's shower enclosure setup.

    This kit includes a push button diverter valve, a handheld shower unit (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Riser Nut & Cone Washer
    Model #: CCT-SHRC
    This is a riser nut for connecting your 5/8" OD shower riser to your faucet. (Your faucet must have it's own diverter valve.)

    You just slide the riser nut onto the bottom of your riser tube, and then slide on the rubber cone washer next to it. Finally, place you (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Roll Rim Adapters for Faucet
    Model #: SOC-P0763
    This is a set of adapters for a rolled rim bathtub. These are meant to go in between the flat faucet mounts of a deck mount faucet, and the curved bathtub rim to provide a nice form fitted connection between the faucet and the tub.

    The bottom of these roll rim ad (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Rubber Cone Washer
    Model #: SIG-CONE
    This is a replacement cone washer used when attaching a compression-fitting style water connection to a faucet.

    We offer these in three sizes. (Choose your option below)

    We have a large size (3/4" Outside Diameter) that is meant to connect the vertical (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Shower Enclosure Riser Kit
    Model #: SIG-SHR3150-77

    This is a riser kit for a shower enclosure set, including 2 tubes, head bushing, and threaded coupler assembly to attach the tubes together.

    The bottom portion of the riser tubing has a compression fitting end, which means that both size riser kits can can easily (more info...)
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    Single Offset Supply lines w/ Shutoff Valves
    Model #: CP-SH342-90D
    These tub wall mounted single offset supply lines feature shutoff valves and come in your choice of finish and handle style.
    • High quality solid brass construction
    • Single offset supply lines are on 3-3/8" on center at top and bottom (for most common fauce (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Wall Brace Assembly with Swivel Mount (various lengths)
    This is a wall brace assembly with a swivel wall plate, allowing for mounting to an angled ceiling. This assembly includes the wall mount, tube, and connector loop.

    These mounting braces are available in different lengths. The diameter of the brace tube is 5/8" (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Wall Brace Swivel Mount
    Model #: SIG-WALL-SWIVEL
    This is a wall mount for an enclosure brace, that has a swivel mechanism for mounting to any angled surface, such as a sloped ceiling.

    This item is only the wall mount portion, and does not include the brace extension tube, or enclosure connecting loop.

    (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Waste/Overflow Drain Line (Popup Tower Drain)
    Model #: SIG-SM200/SM200XL
    This "Tower" design waste & overflow kit features the more advanced "popup" style drain mechanism.

    Rather than the turn & lift, or plug & chain styles of the standard waste/overflow line, this drain comes with a handle knob on the top which allows you to easily dra (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
    Waste/Overflow Drain Line (Standard)
    Model #: CP-SH1900
    This clawfoot tub drain / waste & overflow unit will fit any of our freestanding acrylic and cast iron bathtubs, and comes with a "Turn and Lift" style drain plug.

    To help match with your plumbing, this drain / waste overflow unit comes available in your choice of (more info...)
    w/ FREE Shipping
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