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Beautiful Freestanding Bathtubs, Antique Faucets, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information secure?
Yes, very safe. We at Classic Clawfoot take your business seriously. We respect your information and treat it with the utmost security. We use Secured Sockets Layer technology (SSL) with 128 bit encryption in our ordering process, and ensure that our internal databases are completely secure.

Furthermore, we promise that information we gather is used only to process your order and for us to contact you. Your information will never be rented, sold, or shared with any other company for marketing purposes.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?
Orders currently in stock usually ship within 2 to 3 days. Orders containing large items ship via common freight carrier and typically arrive within 5-15 days.

Delivery Inspection: What should I know?
It is extremely important that you inspect your delivery thoroughly before signing any acceptance documents. Please visit our section on Inspecting Your Delivery for full details.

What makes your clawfoot tubs stand out from the rest?
There are many reasons why our tubs are the choice to go with. First of all, our suppliers use top quality materials in the construction of our bathtubs. This ensures you will continue to be happy with your purchase for years to come. Second, we take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship. When our tubs are buffed, great care is taken in making sure it's consistent, uniform, and visually appealing. Lastly, we offer some of the most appealing, and graceful body shapes and claw foot designs to ensure that your tub is eye-catching and impressive to your home visitors.

Why are your prices low compared to other places?
It's because we want your business! Seriously though, we're able to offer our low prices because of two main reasons. First, we have great relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. They give us low prices, and in exchange we send them some good sales volume. Secondly, we have taken great efforts to ensure our operation runs as efficiently as possible with low overhead. We do not operate an expensive storefront, so we can pass more of our savings on to you.

How many different foot finishes does Classic Clawfoot offer?
We offer many different styles of feet for our clawfoot bathtubs. Some of the claw foot finishes available are: Classic White, Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel (aka. satin nickel), Antique Bronze, Bone, Biscuit, Gloss Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

How do I know what type of faucet I need?
There are 3 main types of faucets. The most common type is the "Widespread". Widespread faucets have holes that are 8" apart from center. Another faucet type is the "Narrow". Narrow faucets (sometimes called "center set") have holes that are 4" apart from center. The "Single Hole" faucet has only one hole for the faucet and the control. Your bathtub may dictate which style you need, however many of the bathtubs we sell offer you a choice of hole drilling options.

What is included in my faucet purchase?
Your faucet purchase typically includes the rough and trim. The "rough" is the mechanism that sits on and around the holes that control the flow of water. The "trim" refers to the handles and faucet. With sink faucets, the drain also is normally included, but not always. (Generally, very few manufacturers sell the sink drain as a separate item.)

Are parts between manufacturers interchangeable?
Sometimes, but usually not. Although you can use different brand fixtures and bathtubs, most individual parts (within a fixture) are not interchangeable between different manufacturers. Even parts from the same manufacturer may be different between models. To avoid problems, you should only use the parts that come complete in the box.

Are your products covered by a warranty?
Yes. All of our products come with the full manufacturers warranty. All of our faucets, supply lines, and other bath hardware have a 5 year warranty. Most of our bathtubs come with a 1 year warranty, however Restoria brand bathtubs come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Do your bathtubs scratch easily?
No, our bathtubs are very durable. It takes a lot to scratch them. Generally, no damage will be done to them by daily cleaning and scrubbing. However, your bathtub can be scratched with a screwdriver or if something sharp or heavy falls into it.

If your bathtub does get lightly scratched, you can easily buff it out with the same type of polishing compound that you would use to remove scratches from your new car.

If the scratch is deep, you can sand it down using fine grit sandpaper in a circular motion. Make sure to cover not only the scratched area, but the around the scratch as well. Repeat this process with finer and finer grit sandpaper until the scratch is eliminated. Finally, polish the area with a polishing compound to bring the tub back to its original shine.

How should I clean my acrylic or cast-iron bathtub?
The bathtub surface is relatively easy to clean as long as you are using the correct cleaning products. You should always clean your bathtub with a non-abrasive soap or cleanser. Dishwashing soaps such as Dawn, Joy, Palmolive should work well, and safely. If you find you need something a little stronger, the following cleansers are safe to use: FORMULA 409, CLOROX CLEAN-UP, FANTASTIC, GLASS PLUS, SCRUBFREE. These should be ok.

There are also certain solutions that you do not want to use. DO NOT USE: COMET, SCRUBBING BUBBLES, PAINT THINNER, MINERAL SPRITS, or other harsh chemicals. If you should happen to use one of these chemicals, or accidentally dull the surface of your bath tub, you can restore it back to its new look by using a liquid polisher and then buffing. Some type of carnauba or bees wax can also help protect any area that has become worn.

How should I clean my wooden bathtub?
To clean your wooden bathtub, you'll want to use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap diluted with water. NEVER use acid based, alkali or ammonia type products to clean the tub.

To view specific details on cleaning and usage of wooden bathtubs, download our Wooden Bathtub Care Instructions.

Custom Painted Tub Exteriors
Many customers have asked about the possibility of having a custom color bathtub exterior for a clawfoot or freestanding bath. This is certainly possible, and can be done in one of two ways. You can either do it yourself (paint the bathtub EXTERIOR only), or we can have the manufacturer do it for you before it ships.

(Not all manufacturers offer this service, so feel free to ask us if you're in doubt about which tubs apply.)

If you would like a custom paint applied to your tub's exterior, simply follow the procedure outlined below.
  1. Visit your local paint store (Kelly Moore or Sherwin Williams are preferred) and choose an interior house paint color of your liking, then write down the name of the color. (ex. "Sherwin William Cherry Tomato 6864")

  2. Browse the Classic Clawfoot website ( and find a bathtub that has the option for "Custom Color" listed on the product details page. (not all tubs offer this option)

  3. Select the "Custom Color" option as your "Bathtub color" selection. (An additional charge will be added to your total.)

  4. In the final checkout process, list the Brand, Name, and Color number of your desired paint color into the "Comments / Special Delivery Instructions" area. (ex. "custom color = Sherwin William Cherry Tomato 6864")
The paint used on your tub's exterior, is a special formula for this purpose. The manufacturer will use the color information you provide us, to closely match the paint color they use on your tub.

Custom tubs are typically shipped within 1 week of receiving the order.

Due to the "custom" nature of this procedure, ALL SALES OF CUSTOM PAINTED TUBS ARE FINAL.

What if I order an item that's backordered?
Although it's not common, we occasionally may find ourselves backordered on an item you've ordered. Should this happen, you will have the option of canceling your order for a full refund. If an item is backordered, we will do our best to provide you with a reasonable estimated shipping date.

If a backorder situation happens, your order may be split and backordered items shipped when available. This will not affect your shipping charge.

Can I order by postal mail?
Yes. If you would like to order by US mail with check or money order, please contact us for instructions.

Can I cancel my order after it's been placed?
Yes, but only if your order has not been shipped. Because we strive to offer the best service possible, we try to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. If you contact us BEFORE your order has shipped, we can cancel your order and credit you a full refund. However, if the order has already shipped from our warehouse -- you will need to follow the instructions on the Returns & Exchanges page.

Your best bet for canceling an order is to call our customer service line as soon as possible, but you can also email us if necessary. You can reach us through our contact us page.

How do I return an item?
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for information on returning an item.

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71" Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Clawfoot Tub w/Imperial feet

71" Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Clawfoot Tub w/Imperial feet

$2,185.00     $2,385.00
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